A cambodian spring interview

Interview with Chris Kelly and Luon Sovath

By: Hanna Pakarinen
We are pleased to present an interview with the director Chris Kelly and venerable Luon Sovath, we had a chance to interview them at the film premiere in London.

A Cambodian Spring his new documentary has won two awards already, and is receiving a lot of critical praise. The film charts the growing wave of land-rights protests that led to the ‘Cambodian Spring’ and the tragic events that followed. One of the stars in the documentary is venerable Luon Sovath.

Chris Kelly wrote, directed, produced and filmed the whole documentary by himself. He was only a tourist when he went to Cambodia the first time. A couple years later he went back there with a vision of making a documentary, it took him six years to finish A Cambodian Spring..

Luon Sovath is a Buddhist monk more commonly known as venerable. He’s also a human rights activist. The film follows his fight against corruption in Cambodia and equal human rights for everyone. Venerable has done so a lot for the the community even though it doesn’t always pays off. But he’s not giving up and hopes that there will be a rule of law and respect of human rights in the nearby future in Cambodia.

You can watch whole interview below.


In UK Cinemas 18th May



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