by Sofia Mogno

Kew Media Distribution’s new movie “An Actor Prepares”, directed by Steve Clark  with Jeremy Irons co-written by Thomas Moffet, available on AMAZON Prime Video. The movie is the second project of the Clark-Moffet duo, ten years after the well-known “The Last International Playboy”.

“An Actor Prepares”, launched as a project at 2016 Cannes Film Festival, is produced by David M. Rosenthal, Tom Lassally, Will Rowbotham and Tom Butterfield. It features an award-winning cast, including Jeremy Irons, Jack Huston, Matthew Modine, Ben Schwartz, Mamie Gummer, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Will Patton, and Poorna Jagannathan.

an actor prepares

The movie could be described as a father-and-son comedy dealing with a complicated relationship between the hard-drinking father Atticus Smith (Jeremy Irons), who was focused more on his acting career than his family, and his roughneck and modern son Adam (Jack Huston), who cannot forgive him for his divorce with his mother. Yet, this would be reductive. Despite the fun and entertainment, the movie tries to examine the entangled ties that bond two people, father, and son, together, no matter their distance and issues. On receiving a career award, the 70-year-old father is hospitalized due to an almost-fatal stroke. All the fun and pleasure of life seems to have come to an end: no smoking, no drinking, no parties, no sugar, no flights. However, the wedding ceremony of his only daughter is getting closer, so his two sons come up with an idea: the reluctant Adam will take him to the wedding by car, supposedly taking care of Atticus’ health. That’s how the funny and crazy adventure (and movie) begins. During the car journey from Los Angeles to New York, father and son will confront each other, their long-lasting silenced regrets and unspoken words, but they will also discover their similarities. A never-understood son may be more similar to his never-forgiven father than both Atticus and Adam may expect, understanding that generational gaps and time distance are not as unbridgeable as they think. The road trip becomes a symbolic road to discovery and forgiveness, and maybe, to a new chance. “An Actor Prepares” is the movie of how an actor prepares for finally starting living a new life with his family because it is never too late to give life another direction.

an actor prepares available on amazon prime

“An Actor Prepares” is a comedy for those who want a combination of fun and drama, for those who want to take a new direction, for those who would like to have – or give – a new chance. Anyone can get prepared for his/her own trip. So, do not forget to mark the 3rd September on your calendar and invite over your father or son and daughters for riding this journey together!

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