By Sofia Mogno

11 motorcyclists, 11 fellows, 11 Jewish descendants, 11 people on the road for a common purpose: going from Tel Aviv to Berlin – a 4500-km journey to bring the Maccabi torch to 1936 Olympic Stadium, that was built under Hitler’s government, for the 2015 Maccabi Games. On their way, they will discover the survival and the tragedy of both the athletes that compete during the first Maccabiah Games in 1930 and their families during the Holocaust.

The story is narrated by the voice of Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter) and directed, written and produced by Catherine Lurie, who has a solid experience as a journalist. So, the movie has both the vibe of a nostalgic travel and the intense feelings of the history behind this mission.

Back to Berlin is not only the narration of an on-the-road journey but also a search for humanity and for its hidden strength for overcoming even the worst, together, like these 11 motorcyclists.

Hence, Back to Berlin become a hymn to what brings all us together, against racism and division.

The film has been selected for many festivals, including the Shanghai International Film Festival 2018, the Washington Jewish Film Festival 2018, the Hong Kong Jewish Film Festival 2018, Stamford Jewish Film Festival 2018, Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema 2018 and also the Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival 2019.

So, if you like a meaningful journey, or if you think that we need to remember, because memories can guide for a brighter future, if you think that we all share something, humanity, then do not miss the opportunity to watch this documentary. Then mark the date: Back to Berlin is set to be released in the UK on 23rd November.

Are you looking forward to the movie? Take a look at the teaser below!

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