Sean is going through a tough time, his ex-partner is gone and he’s not doing well being on his own. Maybe that’s where the need to call him comes from. Keeping him updated with all the changes in Sean’s life, even though he never actually picks up the phone, so all the messages just go straight to voicemail. While looking for a worker to paint his patio Sean comes across this middle-aged Latino migrant worker Ernesto looking for work. Ernesto’s kind appearance leads him to be hired by Sean and their unique friendship begins. A rather unique name Papi Chulo, the literal translation being “Handsome Daddy”, doesn’t quite match Ernesto. They’re different like day and night, Sean is young, gay and white while Ernesto, portly, straight and married. Despite having nothing in common and some language barriers they build this quirky friendship that allows them to learn a lot from one another.

Still from the movie Papi Chulo starring Matt Bomer (Left) and

The heartwarming comedy stars Matt Bomer from White Collar’s,  D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place), who has just been confirmed to unveil the 2019 Emmy nominations alongside Ken Jeong and Alejandro Patiño. Winner at the Newport Beach Film Festival in the Category Audience Award and nominee at Guadalajara International Film Festival for Premio Maguey, the feel-good buddy comedy will be available for Digital Download on 22nd of July. A few more weeks until we can see the movie so in the meantime take a look at the trailer!




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