Distorted - Movie Poster

Perfect has its price…

Psychological Cyber Thriller – Distorted

receives its release date

Distorted – Lauren (Christina Ricci) and her husband Russell (Brendan Fletcher) move into a “state-of-the-art” smart apartment that at first glance looks just perfect. However soon after settling in Lauren starts having delusional episodes which she believes are just some symptoms of her bipolar disorder. After meeting  Vernon (John Cusack) an investigative journalist with interest in cyber conspiracies, Lauren begins to suspect that the “perfect” apartment might not be so perfect after all. When residents are used as guinea pigs for subliminal brainwashing, by the same state of the art technologies that she thought would make her life more comfortable and safer, Lauren sets out to find out the truth.

Distorted - Movie Poster


The Movie Partnership has announced that their new psychological thriller, Distorted will have its Digital Release on 4th of February. Distorted is directed by Rob W. King and stars Christina Ricci (The Addams Family, Casper The Friendly Ghost, Black Snake Moan, Sleepy Hollow) and John Cusack (Con Air, American Dreams, Sixteen Candles).


Before the release date take a look at the trailer:





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