London Film Festival 2015 covered the ’11 Minutes’ premiere during the BFI London Film Festival 2015 and talked to director Jerzy Skolimowski about the story of the movie, how he created the movie and what inspired him. This special and unique view that Jerzy Skolimowski has on film making makes this movie very interesting including unexpected situations.

After a long break from film making for 17 years due to bad reactions to his last movie, Jerzy Skolimowski is back with his latest movie ’11 Minutes’ (11 Minut). ’11 Minutes’ feels like a roller coaster ride where the attention of the audience is constantly switching from story to story. This catastrophic thriller focusses on the lives of a variety of characters for just 11 minutes of their lifes which means following each of them individually over the course of the same limited progression of time. All the characters come from different social classes, different age groups and they all have differences in wealth. A sexually and sleazy film director holds ‘auditions’ for a new actress, an ambulance rushes a pregnant woman to the hospital and a motorcycle courier drives really fast in order to escape exposure by a sceptical husband. These are already 3 different story lines, but there are many more. An old man sketches a bridge over a river and a hot dog vendor sells sausages on the street to nuns. All these stories overlap, but in an unexpected way. These characters live in an unsure world where anything could happen at any time until Jerzy Skolimowski brilliantly ties all the plots together in a magnificent climax.

The interesting thing about this movie is that Jerzy started with the creating the finale. He got an idea for the final which means that he had to work backwards, from the end to the beginning. As a result, the characters would all come at the same time to the same place from different parts of the town. Continuing with this process, he found about 15 characters. His focus was really on the final scene of the movie, which is an incredible scene of which he is very proud. Jerzy says that the movie is very different from what people usually see on the screen so the reaction of the audience can be from one end to the other end. Jerzy concludes that he is very satisfied and happy with the film.

London Film Festival 2015

‘I believe it may be my best film of my whole career’ – Jerzy Skolimowski

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