Kew Media Distribution, together with Shooting Films has announced that it’s critically acclaimed documentary “Active Measures” will be released in UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand on iTunes and across On Demand platforms on 1st of April. The documentary focuses on the controversy surrounding Trump and Putin, the most successful espionage operation in Russian history, the American presidential election of 2016. The movie ranked #1 on iTunes when it was released in the United States.


Director of the Documentary Jack Bryan follows a long and complex trail of money, real estate, mob connections and on record confessions where everything leads back to The White House. With the undeniable tension and instability of democracy documentary, Active Measures is a vital piece of information and a rather unpleasant, yet so necessary piece on the story, that everyone was missing. Testimony from global experts including Senator John McCain, John Podesta, and former CIA Director James Woolsey, Hillary Clinton and more.

Director Jack Bryan said: “I hope that audiences learn the unfortunate lesson that we learned making it, that democracies are fragile. They don’t stick around long if they aren’t fought for, and, right now, democracy, worldwide and in America, is on the decline. It is our duty and our salvation as citizens to fight this slide into nationalism and kleptocracy for ourselves and future generations. If we do not stand up now, democracy itself could easily become a thing of the past.”

The movie will be available on Itunes and other On Demand platforms from 1st of April. And if you’re guessing if this is April Fools joke, well… it’s not.

Have a look at the trailer!

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