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Série Series 2020 goes Online

Text: Mónica Fuentes

This week, Série Series released the new ONLINE version of the festival, facing new realities but making us feel as close as ever. Série Series Online Season 9 will go on air from the 30th of June to 3rd of July. The announcement, expected over the last months, finally took place yesterday with the release of the program for the Digital version of the festival. The announcement was met with praise showing once again the resilience of our industry to adapt.

This year brings talks with top creatives in and around the industry such as Charlie Covell, screenwriter of the Netflix Hit The End of the F*** world, Edward Berger, Deutschland 83, or the actress Sofia Helin, alongside creators and developers such as Richard Brown, each uniquely inspiring the industry with challenging and insightful work.

This year Série Series will use the platform The Link’ where industry professionals can network, share create together, discuss new trends, hot topics and discover what will be ON in the future by gaining access to exclusive trailers and pilot episodes of brand new series, this year the focus is on German Productions, allowing us to know in depth the fresh air of this production New Wave.


The Link will be available through an invitation sent by Série Series. The festival is also providing daily shows for the general public taking a behind the scenes look into creating, production and what is trending in creation.


Série Series is still the place where Creation takes Power. Stay Tune.



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