Natalie Clark and Kenny Boyle in Lost at Christmas 2020


Christmas is almost here and so is the new romantic drama comedy movie Lost at Christmas directed by Ryan Hendrick, who has been nominated for “Bafta”, and written by Clare Sheppard. The movie is coming to UK cinemas from today and on Digital from 7th of December which can be pre ordered from here.


Hendrick’s movie is set in the remote Scottish town of Fort William. It’s Christmas eve, when Jen (played by Natalie Clark) and Rob (Kenny Boyle) seem to share the same destiny; both get lost in the middle of nowhere. Not only are they lost, but also single and heartbroken. Now nobody wants to be lost and heartbroken on Christmas eve, however the two strangers finds something that connects them – their wish to get home which is pretty far away to be with their families. And thus the journey to come back home in time for Christmas begin with some unforeseen obstacles and challenges. Inevitably, during the long trip back home, the duo gets to know each other much better and learn how did they ended up in the situation they are now.


The movie flows at a peaceful pace and really allows the viewer to understand better Jen and Rob and their stories. . Not to mentioned full of comedic moments through out the film really lets you to have a good giggle. As nothing was as planned this year you can’t help but look forward for Christmas and some quality time with your loved ones. Now Christmas are not the same without a Christmas movie where even the most impossible wishes come to life and fills us up with joy and happiness. For a cozy family evening during Christmas time or for a stay in evening with the girls this might be a perfect match.


Have a look at the trailer and get into the Christmas mood.



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