Image from the short film Baradar

The award winning short Baradar (Brother) written by Frances Casolo and directed by Beppe Tufaruloillustrates the struggle of two refugee brothers, Mohammed and Ali who arduously embark on a journey across the Middle East. Shot in beautiful Puglia but set in Turkey, where the pair find themselves on the precipice of new beginnings, only to be confronted by their final hurdle; the Mediterranean Sea.


Beppe Tufarulo is a Milan based director with a versatile framework, his realistic approach to filmmaking combined with a documentary style perspective allows encapsulating storytelling. He boasts an impressive creative background, filming a variety of different projects including TV shows, music videos, commercials and documentaries. Baradar hasn’t gone unnoticed since winning 21 awards and been selected for 50 festivals around the world including the David di Donatello 2020.


The natural onscreen chemistry of these real life brothers Nawid and Danosh Sharifi is highlighted by the up close and personal style of filming which the director adopts. Tufarulo is able to stay true to traditional realism by using non professional actors speaking their native Dari, what he adds is his own aesthetic and cinematic aptitude, combining to make an illuminating viewing which gives a short but powerful insight into the lives of refugees.


We had a pleasure interviewing the director Beppe Tufarulo, you can find the interview here.



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