Review Psychological Thriller: The Unseen

Review of The Unseen

By Monica Fuentes M.




the unseen review


An intelligent, intense and unsettling film which plays with your mind. Gary Sinyor’s film shows the fragility of the mind and how pain and desperation makes you see, feel and behave differently.  A brilliant script, with complex characters  and intense performances, makes this a great  production, Beautifully set in an atmospheric landscape.


the unseen review


Married couple Gemma (Jasmine Hyde) and Will (Richard Flood), have a harmonious marriage and a successful life. Everything changes when their son, Joel, suddenly dies in the indoor pool. Gemma blames herself for the death of her son and starts suffering panic attacks that affects her eyesight making her see everything in a blur; getting frequent attacks. During the first attack she is helped by Paul (Simon Cotton), an ex-pharmacist who takes her to the hospital. Her husband Will gets depressed and starts to hear his son’s voice, calling him repeatedly the voices makes him lose his mind.  Both their mental situations put strain on their relationship. To escape their grief and heal their hearts, they decide to accept Paul’s proposal to spend some time in his Lake District country getaway. This getaway introduces an interesting twist to the story.


the unseen review


Paul who seems to be a naive helper always concerned about Gemma’s welfare, helping her to medicate against the panic attacks. Suddenly shows a different character; evil and shockingly perverse. The actors do a well-accomplished job, denoting a deep study of the characters and great direction by the director. However the constant resort to Gemma’s blurred eyesight wears down the viewer a bit; at times not contributing much to the development of the story.  Towards the end the film takes a refreshing turn and grabs your attention again, leading up to an ending that honours the script and impeccable performances.

The Unseen UK Premiere is on 15th of November, followed by regional premieres across the UK.


Film Credits:

Director: Gary Sinyor
Writers: Gary Sinyor
Cast: Richard Flood, Simon Cotton, Jasmine Hyde
Genre: Thriller
Language: English

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