Imagine Italy… its places! Its colours! Its music! This summer many music festivals are organized throughout the whole peninsula, festivals of different kinds of music ranging from rock to opera for different kinds of people. You already know what happens during these events in front of the stage: a wild audience of young people sing all the songs, or passionate fans listening to every note with closed eyes… but you don’t know what is happening backstage…

In Italy, as everywhere, music events need to be promoted, but promoting an event isn’t only to get oneself talked about, it means allowing people to see it with their own eyes… above all if those people are media people interested in music related events.

But… is it possible seeing something you hear? Is it possible to convey music in images?

Maybe it’s even better to see visuals of a musical event to feel its atmosphere than read black words on a white paper…

So, should video be successful to promote an event? Yes!!

The question is:

in the case of a music related event, is video promotion an added cost or a benefit?
Serena Abbondanza
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