Foo Fighters are coming at the end of this week for two shows that will take place at London Earl’s Court before their last performance of the year which will be held in Dublin the 20th of December.
The Irish date is already sold out but there are tickets still available for the two gigs that will end their tour across the Isle after having visited
Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester.
So I would suggest you to be quick if you wanna see them coming back on the stage with a new album after three years of silence since One By One.
It could prove to be something very interesting, with In Your Honor (RCA, 2005) the guitarist/vocalist Dave Grohol and his bandmates offer their fans a 2-disc album that moves from louder tracks in the first set and “softer” ones in the second.
The band dedicated In Your Honor to their families, friends and fans who have helped them to realise the Foo Fighters dream.
Despite that they will not have the great guests artists who lent their talent to them for In Your Honor, like Norah Jones vocals and piano, Josh Homme from QOTSA with his acustic guitar and the amazing former Led Zeppelin’s bassist Paul Jones, both real fans and everybody else should enjoy Foo Fighters. Considering the before mentioned guests and in addition to this the fact that Friend Of A Friend is about Kurt Cobain, it will attract a broad audience.
Probably we will not see the stage moving in a full circle, as the band in their last amazing video of DOA(click the link at the bottom of the page to view it). In the clip Grohol, Mendel, Hawkins and Shiflett rockin’ feet up and heads down, but perhaps the audience that come to the show will feel like their world is turned upside down.
So… what else to say, just pop-in and we will have our answer seeing them live at Earl’s Court on 17th or 18th December!

Link to videos:
Tickets can be purchased on-line at:

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