Its that time again for the annual Music trade fair in Cannes. The Informer team is going down there to network, connect, shot some video and get informed so that we can inform you in turn.
In its own words this is what Midem is about:
“In the ever-changing world of the music business, MIDEM puts you right at the heart of the action. This January, 9,300 music professionals from 92 countries will meet for another five days of profitable meetings. They’ll discover new sounds and services, explore business opportunities, learn about tomorrow’s industry, make deals, enjoy live music and party.”
Sounds good doesnt it?
This year they are celebrating 40 years and there is a special issue web magazine to celebrate it.
Highlights this year is a Finnish music focus, showcasing Finnish bands,and recordlabels such asRubato Music that is one of the very interesting labels to come out of Finland recently, among the artists they represent are the delightfulIcons of Elegance.

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