We have spoken so much about it that was likely to get loads of expectations and be disappointed in principle. Also because with what seemed to have promised it was hard not to be disappointed. Instead Avatar is a film like many others, from the canonical history, performing classic morality very American (it is good that the aliens are Indians and the Marines are better, but in the end if you want to win you have to do as the Americans) and the predictable plot twists. Many will be disappointed by this and instead seeing the film one gets the impression that perhaps this very ordinariness makes it important.

Why Avatar, we know by heart now, despite having a story like others already feel like nobody has ever shot was filmed first, with technology never seen before use with a continuity, quality and innovativeness never seen before. The maximum again to make a film that not only is the maximum of the canon but also the height of the known. Avatar converge in Pocahontas, The Last of the Mohicans (Wes called “Magua” Studies to make the head of the aliens!), Dances with Wolves, Blade Runner, September 11, Vietnam, the Western (the aliens have a theme music by Indians, Indian names are given and also have a slightly Indian accent), science fiction, ecology, matrix, internet (Pandora basically works like the network of networks), the soul from Star Wars and much more without you have the impression of theft or plagiarism. The greatest merit of James Cameron (speaking of content), and were amalgamated with class and plenty of skill from a great storyteller as many kinds of stories, tales, mythologies and different images through the transfer of the imaginary American film of ‘900 in a film that should be the future.

The original part is in how the movie portrays his own creation. The marine commander’s body as his avatar Sam Worthington controls the digital character, that we talk about making things impossible for a human being using other bodies in unimaginable places. The film opens with the human eye and closes with the Na’Vi the same character, something that reminds Blade Runner, and that puts the emphasis on the concept of vision. When the marines arrive on Pandora were astonished by what they see, a world of incredible and amazing, the new frontier for mankind in the same way that the viewer is impressed and amazed by how those places non-existent resume Cameron, producing images that seek to be the new frontier of cinema.

But going more to the essence and in plain Avatar is a good movie because at the end when the villain loses (and not call him a spoiler!) We are sincerely happy and relieved. Effect never easy to achieve. And that is enough.

Certainly there are many falls of style, some aliens are not the best originality, certainly the transition from man to body avatar is virtually Stargate (terrible), to be sure we are all Hollywood topoi as motivational speech before the final showdown, c ‘is the final battle, there is the lone hero and forbidden love words so much that even if one could also save money and that certainly I will not defend because the force of Cameron is that eventually the film, in a word, successful. And if other film that has never been enough for Avatar, which has the task of ferrying (hopefully) the job of director to another was made of potential new additions to the usual, is sufficient. Probably will not be the movie of your life but it is a beautiful film that brings a whole new way of making films.

Now part of the FAQ: 3D working? Great, no objects or other things that come baroque but also without flaws, there is deep and there is fine. E ‘used as part of film language? Not really. The performance capture is innovative and indistinguishable from the real actors? Yes in 90% of cases, at certain points in my eyes more attentive noticed some movement not perfect but for the rest of the character never rings fake. Cameron has achieved what he proposed? A technological level I would say so, nothing was ever made so big ambitious and running from beginning to end.

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