images from all rights protected
images from all rights protected

We are looking forward to see the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean entertaining series and according to the Hollywood Reporter its both sexier and darker then previous films mostly due to the beautiful Penelope Cruz and the director Rob Marshall who directed the Academy-Award winner Chicago.

The basic story line is that captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) is out looking for the fountain of youth. The film starts of in London and moves through the sea to jungles where the fountain of youth is supposedly located.

Sounds like we can look forward to an equally entertaining follow up from previous films

Now the question remains will there be  a fifth one?

The UK premiere is on Thursday May 12th at Westfield’s Vue cinema and it will be in cinemas from 18th of May

When Johnny Depp appeared in Disneyland the other day he revealed a new style back to having short hair and wearing a white cowboy inspired jacket almost out staging Penelope Cruz. To see the warm relationship between Keith Richards and Johnny Depp, also reveals this as a film the actors really enjoyed working on.

images from all rights protected
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