By Sole Marques and Arnaud de la Houssaye

DRM @ Fantastic Beasts European Premiere

It happened. Fantastic Beast will arrive tomorrow to cinemas and we have some facts to tell you about the European Premiere of this magical and crazy film.

J.K Rowling at Fantastic Beasts European Premiere

We had the opportunity to be at of one of the best premieres of the year in London at Odeon Leicester Square, which looks fantastic this time of year with the Christmas Market in front of it.

We met Harry Potter saga writer, J.K Rowling. She looked stunning in a wonderful golden dress. We also had the opportunity to see handsome lead actor Eddie Redmayne.

The blue carpet was really big and along its path were several screens and celebrities doing photo-calls.

Fantastic Beasts European Premiere

The atmosphere was marvelous. Fans were totally ecstatic meeting their favorites actors, actresses and of course their favorite writer.

Eddie Redwayne with fans

Even though it was raining they were there a lot of fans there to support them. Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne and J.K caught all the eyes up. Also, We would like highlight how the crowd wanted to express love to Ezra Miller from The perks of being a wallflower and american actor and filmmaker Dan Fogler among other celebs.


We also had the opportunity to see the blue carpet interviews with gorgeous Carmen Ejogo and the petite beauty actress Faith Wood-Balgrove.

Carmen Ejogo Fantastic Beasts European Premiere

JK Rowling has come storming back to the world of magic in a shower of supernatural sparks. The premiere was just a preview of what we are going to be able to experience this Christmas.

Rowling and Yates have given us a terrifically good-natured, unpretentious and irresistibly buoyant film.

Check out the video of this fantastic premiere from our colleagues of Videoplugger. The rain didn’t stop them to give you some shots of Fantastic Beasts exclusive blue carpet!


Fantastic Beasts crew at the European Premiere in London

Fantastic Beasts will be on cinemas from tomorrow 18/11/16. You can buy your tickets at Odeon Leicester Square London. We can’t wait to watch it!!!

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