By: Sole Marques and Domiziana Candreva

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend to the fantastic I AM BOLT World Premiere at Odeon Leicester Square in London!

The atmosphere was more than incredible, and we could meet many celebs who attended to the red carpet.

Firstly, we got some Jamaican dancers around with beautiful and shinny costumes.


Suddenly, Usain Bolt arrived to the red carpet and everybody wanted to have a picture with him.

Usain Bolt Autograph

We had the oportunity to get his autograph and take some pictures of him signing to other fans.

In the meanwhile, directors of this fantastic documentary, Benjamin and Gabe Turner, who came up together, bring us funny moments posing to press.


The film, based on the runners life, follows his attempt to achieve glory in the hardest world of sport, Olympic Games.

It counts with a really funny tone and sarcastic comments of all the people who appear in the documentary.

We also want to highlight the music, which takes a highly important part. It shows the deepest culture of Jamaica, where Usain comes from. He really want to show how proud he feels of his country, the people and everything related to there.

Also, the fact of his family and closest friends appearing and giving some opinions of Bolt makes it more funny.

Serena Williams, Neymar, Ziggy Marley and others had some relevant chats with the camera about Bolt in this documentary.

We cannot forget neither the fact of Bolt blogging himself.  This pulls you closer to Usain as person, out of the famous athlete.

Usain Bolt and a fan

While Bolt was giving interviews we had the opportunity to see more celebs at the red carpet.

Singer Sean Paul, Iconic football player Pele, Chelsea football player Cesc Fabregas, tennis player Boris Becker, actress Salma Hayek, Singer Liam Payne from One Direction and many others came up to support Bolt.

We got goosebumps when Bolt uttered some words to his family, who helped him to achieve everything he wanted in life through different struggles.

Usain Bolt and his parents

In our opinion this premiere has been incredibly  amazing. With presence of all the famous people made this premiere something very special and glamorous.

I am Bolt crew

We wish this film the best and from DRM we heartily recommend you to watch it!!!!!


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