The Islands and the Whales UK Release!

The Islands and the Whales is a documentary directed and produced by Mike Day. He worked together with his co-producer Henrik Underbjerg.

It took 4 years for this movie to come alive! Director was inspired by a group of Faroese sailors who he met while he was filming for his previous film: The Guga Hunters of Ness for BBC Scotland. In the beginning he thought it was just about hunting seabirds and whales. However when sailors started sharing their stories Mike quickly realised that there is so much more than just hunting. It was a story everyone needed to hear.

In 2016 Mike Day won several prices for his documentary of The Islands and the Whales:  DOC NYC 2016, Emerging International Filmmaker Award and Camden International Film Festival

Hunting whales has become a way of living in the Faroe Islands. It’s a life they would pass on their children. This tradition seems to fall apart when a local professor makes a grim discovery. Mike Day spent a lot of time doing various or research for the movie, especially researching the effect of marine pollution on a human body after eating whale. Why? Nobody has ever did a research like that, moreover Faroese are the first ones to feel the affect of the polluted oceans. They have discovered that the whales they have been eating for such long time have become toxic, contaminated by the outside world. Eating whales used to be a way of survival, now it has become a treat to their lives. The Faroe Islanders must choose between health or traditions…


The Islands and the Whales will be released in the UK cinemas 29th of March! 




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