by: Sofia Mogno


What would you do if you receive a life-changing offer from your favorite actor? To what limit would you push yourself to get it?

On their way to work, two lunch ladies – as the film title clearly states – Seretta (Donna Pieroni) and LouAnne (Mary Manofsky) check their post, finding a letter that is different from all the other ones, the one they were waiting for. Their Cheesy Burger Bites were selected for an award by their beloved and worldwide known actor Johnny Depp.

Despite being selected to get a prize at the celebrity’s concert, their food seems to be quite unappreciated by the Principal (Chris Fickley) and students of the High School where the two ladies work in. The High School is not satisfied with their culinary skills no matter all the efforts that Seretta and LouAnne put in. Yet, Johnny is always there, guiding Seretta and LouAnne through such a horrible and miserable job, and watching over them from the consumed poster on the canteen wall.

However, things are not destined to last forever, as the long-awaited letter brings some changes into the ladies minds. When the Principal threatens to fire them if they do not come up with a new idea for the school lunch, the two frustrated workers resort to their ever-lasting love and life motto: “WWJD?” (What Would Johnny Do?”). The rest will bring them to glory: they will create a lunch to die for.



Despite being a short movie, Lunch Ladies is not the typical horror movie you would expect. It is a clever re-elaboration of Johnny Depp’s filmography, which is clearly detectable both in the plot and the music. Indeed, the movie distinguished itself for the vibrant use of colors and brilliant music, composed by Antoni M. March and alluring to a famous Depp’s movie, as Tim Burton‘s fans may easily notice.

Lunch Ladies is a short horror movie, directed by J. M. Logan and written by Clarissa Jacobson. This is the first movie directed by J.M. Logan, who started his career as a special effects make-up artist. However, he also worked in visual effects, sound design, composing, and eventually post-production and production. Such a complete experience was extremely useful for his first experience as a director. The wise selection of music score, the red-and-green contrast on the background and the high-quality props enhanced the excitement as well as the grotesque scenario. As of now, Lunch Ladies have been nominated for multiple and have won many awards in film festivals like Atlanta Horror Film Festival, Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest and many more! It has been selected by Clermont-Ferrand, Flickerfest, Buncheon Fantastic, Imagine Film Fest, Morbido, Santa Barbara and A Night of Horror to name just a few. And in June Lunch Ladies were screened in Palm Springs.

Probably not everyone could stand the movie and the imagery that is on display. It contains some macabre scenes that may be hard to digest for some viewers. However, if you are Johnny’s fan or a movie lover who is knowledgeable about film history, or if you want to see the price you may have to pay to satisfy your guests’ appetite, you should watch this award-winning short horror movie. Lunch Ladies will not disappoint you.

Do you want to know a bit more? Check out the teaser below!


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