by: Laia Pascual

Science-fiction thriller “2036 Origin Unknown” is directed by Hasraf Dulull and written by Gary Hall. The director is also known for his work “The Beyond” and “The Dark Night”, he specializes in Visual Effects and Science-fiction/action films.

Set in 2036, the movie follows Mackenzie “Mack” Wilson (Katee Sackhoff) who spends her days on a spacecraft as a mission controller, however, she struggles to keep her career. After Martian-One, the first manned flight to Mars crashed where among the dead was her father Jake, the government has replaces mission controllers with advanced artificial intelligence supercomputer A.R.T.I. Mackenzie’s sister Lena strongly believes that artificial intelligence is perfect – No hidden motives, no mistakes. Mackenzie returns to Mars to find some answers on the Martian-One crash, although the findings just raise more questions.

The futuristic film presents a current debate about artificial intelligence as “Mack”, the main character in the film created A.R.T.I. to help humanity on their mission to Mars, however, her sister wants A.R.T.I to lead the mission without paying any attention to Mackenzie orders. A.R.T.I has made even the smartest humans redundant and will seek to accomplish his task no matter what. Despite having to argue with her sister and take commands from A.R.T.I the journey takes an unexpected turn. After landing on Mars Mackenzie find some clues that have been hidden from her by the closest people to her.

The story explores the topic of artificial intelligence, human explorations of the universe and how we’re always attracted to the unknown. The script is so fascinating, you can feel all the hard work and imagination that Gary Hall put into it. Strong lead performance allows the viewer to connect with the character and go on the journey with her. As director H. Dullul has plenty of credits as Visual Effects supervisors he made sure that every detail of the movie would look impeccable. From the spacecraft to the advanced technologies nothing looks cheap or unfinished.

Hasraf Dulull on working with Katee Sackhoff the film:

“Working with Katee on 2036 Origin Unknown was a dream come true, not only was I a fan of her work, but she turned out to be one of the best collaborators on the project, she really sunk her soul and passion into the character of Mack and we spent months of prep before the shoot and her input throughout really helped shape the character you see on the screen.”

2036 ORIGIN UNKNOWN is released On Demand & DVD from 13th August


Want to know more about the film? Watch the trailer now below!!

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