Unicorns, mermaids, and rainbows Dylan and Loli create magic !!

By: J. Richarz
Dylan and Loli 
(Deian a Loli) a Bafta-winning Welsh-language preschool live-action series previously on S4C is coming to take over the international market. After making all the Welsh kids fall in love with the twins, Dylan and Loli, kids all over the world now get the chance to experience the same feeling. Other than children hearts the show also won over the BAFTA Wales Awards with its potential and was awarded Best Children’s Program. Dylan and Loli will be presented at MipJunior later this month by production company Cwmni DaVideoplugger who have previously placed Welsh series Living a Lie on the US network MHz has recently come on board as distributors of the series and Emanuele Galloni the CEO have high hopes for Dylan and Loli.

The series is about two mischievous twins with superpowers and is a magical and adventurous drama. Anything is possible, whether it’s freezing their parents to the spot or shrink themselves for even more adventures, it’s a whole new world! Children can experience Dylan and Loli meeting unicorns and mermaids, talking to trees, wind, and sun, confronting dragons in Lego castles…Honestly, everything we have ever dreamed of!

dylan and loli press release

“Dylan and Loli is an anarchic nod to the heightened, imagined worlds of C. S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll, where children reign and rule.”

If you are interested in screeners please contact info@videoplugger.com.

DEIAN AND LOLI – Trailer – English from Drm.am on Vimeo.

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