UK Jewish Film develops culture in which Jewish and Israeli film are recognized and requested by wide audience

From woman in charge to LGBT+ to big names, laughs and more

By J. Richarz

The UK Jewish Film Festival has welcomed over 200,000 visitors since its inception. The organization is working on developing a culture where a Jewish and Israeli films are recognized wide audience. Furthermore, bringing Jewish related film to the heart of the British culture is another aim of them. This year’s motto is “FOMO cure”, and with all the diverse options the festival offers, no one has to miss out on anything.

We’re gonna switch things up and give you a little sneak peek in the program!

First of all, we have, women in charge, just like the LFF the Jewish Film Festival focuses on female filmmakers, women’s issues and films featuring strong female main characters. Putting the focus on the #metoo movement, Jewish Film chose Working woman as their opening gala film on November 8. The #metoo film follows an ambitious woman through her life suffering harassment in the workplace.



When it comes to equality and 2018, we, of course, have to discuss LGBT+ content as well. This year’s movie choices in this area are the award-winning movie Red Cow that explores the story of teenager Benni who lives in a Jewish settlement in East Jerusalem, she falls deeply in love with a new woman in her life, Yael. Additionally, the short documentary On My Way Out: The Secret Life of Nani and Popi, directed by Brandon Gross and Skyler Gross handles in the context of a married couple that is going through a change when Popi comes out as gay after 65 years of marriage.

The next category in this years’ Jewish Film Festival is True stories, if you want to be blown away, make sure to check out Three Identical Strangers by Tim Wardle’s. It is an almost unbelievable film about triplets separated at birth, brought up by adoptive families, completely unaware that they have two identical brothers, until a chance meeting aged 19. This and the film The Accountant of Auschwitz, directed by Matthew Shoychet examines the case of 94-year-old Oskar Gröning, who, 70 years after the war was charged with the murder of 300,000 Jews are must-sees.



In the category of Big Names Sam Pollard’s documentary, Sammy David Jnr: I’ve Gotta Be Me tells how he conquered Hollywood, Broadway and Las Vegas; and fought bigotry all his life. Sammy Davis Junior started out as an entertainer at the age of three, converting to Judaism after an accident. Sounds interesting and we are looking forward to hearing more about this film.

Last but not least there is the Looking for laughs category, with multiple entertaining looking movies. Starting with Humor Me, featuring Elliot Gould, about Nate, once a promising playwright, who ends up living at his dad’s retirement home in New Jersey where he finally manages to climb out of his midlife funk. Another one is the film Longing, a “moving but hilarious” black comedy about a man who learns that he had a son who he never met.

We are sure there are many interesting and fascinating movies premiering at this year’s Jewish Film Festival that will reach a wide audience.
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