Videoplugger brings S4C series Living a Lie to Bulgarian TV

LONDON: Videoplugger announced this week that the  S4C series Byw Celwydd will be available on Bulgarian free-to-air broadcaster Bulgaria On Air. The show will be broadcasted in its original Welsh language with on-screen subtitles in Bulgarian. As reported by industry news site c21 Media Living a Lie is now brought to audiences in the US, Canada, Europe, Israel, and South Africa.

Producer Branwen Cennard says of the series: “I do hope Byw Celwydd (Living a Lie) will engage people who wouldn’t normally watch a political drama…also being entertaining for those who just want to pour themselves a glass of wine, sit back and be entertained. I hope it will work on both levels.”

Program Director Bulgaria On Air, Nikolina Dimitrova, says: “Bulgaria On Air was very keen to broadcast a political drama and Living a Lie was a perfect choice. The realistic impression of the political tensions which is presented in the show is the thing that really caught our attention. The rainbow coalition, the Socialists as an opposition and the female journalist trying to dig into the political scandals – the storyline is fascinating and appeals to a broad spectrum of our audience. Bulgaria On Air strives to offer high-end TV productions to its viewers and Living a Lie is definitely one of those shows.”

Living a Lie is a Welsh assembly is in chaos after the first minister dies in the company of a prostitute. The political elite is thrown into turmoil, turning wives against husbands, and coalitions form between the most unlikely parties. Angharad is the chief political editor at fictional ‘Newyddion Cymru’ and the daughter-in-law of the first minister, Meirion Llywelyn. Angharad is an ambitious journalist who reveals political corruption and lies.

We are happy that Bulgaria on Air picked up Living a Lie. Bulgaria on Air is a network targeting an audience of highly educated individuals looking for contemporary political plots and that’s why an eclectic series like Living A Lie appealed to them.

Emanuele Galloni CEO Videoplugger


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