Poster for the Unromantic Comedy For Love or Money

Meet Mark (Robert Kazinsky), at the first glance his life looks perfect: he’s about to make a big business deal as well as by some sort of miracle he is given another chance at love with what he believes in a love of his life Connie (Samanta Barks). They fall in love and soon after get engaged, everything looks perfect, right? Well, not exactly. Mark hasn’t told to anyone about his business deal, not even his best friend Tim, however, his old classmate Johnny knows everything about the deal and he knows Connie too. You quickly realize that the “love” that Connie has for Mark isn’t real and it’s more of a “love” for the money and how to get as much of them as possible. The plan looked perfect until Mark figures it out and creates a plan to see just how far would Connie go to get that money.

still from the movie For Love or Money

The Unromantic Comedy For Love or Money features a well-established cast with leading from Broadway star and Screen Actors Guild Award-nominated actress Samantha Barks (LES MISÉRABLES) & Robert Kazinsky (TRUE BLOOD). The movie will be available on digital download from 8th of July!


Until then, you can enjoy the trailer!


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