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A middle-aged single mother Anna lives a very simple and modest life. Living in a small industrial town in Eastern Ukraine Anna works in a meat processing plant and lives in a shabby flat. Life is a routine between work and home with a secret wish for a better life for both Anna and her daughter. Seeking for a change and perhaps hoping for a way out Anna decides to attend a party organized for foreigner men touring Ukraine and looking for love. Quite quickly Anna encounters the real intentions behind the party and the reality of old age and not fitting the mold.


Still from the short movie Anna


The movie starts with a crucial scene where Anna together with what probably is a meat quality control officer are evaluating the Pig Carcass stock. Just like in Annas work now the women turn into a piece of meat and is evaluated on everything, where the best piece is wanted by everyone. However, the situation portrayed in the short film doesn’t go far from reality. In today’s age, filled with technology and knowledge, these kind of parties and events are still a big part of the community. Though these “love parties” involve very little of actual love and more of self desires, hopes to profit and desire for a better life coming from both sides. Following their dreams and aspirations, women attend hoping for a prospect to a better life and men try and take advantage of this despair. Something that has been organized since the Fall of the Iron Curtain now is one of the most exclusive events in Ukraine, particularly Eastern Ukraine, more industrial and poverty-stricken part.


Still from the movie Anna


Anna was part of the Short Film Competition during the 72nd Cannes Film Festival and was running for Palme d’Or – Best Short Film.  The role of Anna beautifully portrayed by Svetlana Alekseevna Barandich. Director Dekel Berenson has witnessed similar “love tours” and events and his film Anna captured this. You can find more information about the film here.


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