Lefty/Righty” is a short movie written and directed by Max Walker-Silverman. The cast consists of Lewis Pullman in the role of Righty and Marty Grace Dennis in the role of Lefty. It’s quite an interesting choice of names as if they are contrary to one another. The rest of the characters are embodied by Hagen Kearney, Sam Engbring, Greg Hope and Harry Kearney as all the uncles in the family and Charlotte Delpit Hacke as the mother. The movie was a winner of KODAK Vision Award, NYU Graduate Film Wasserman Directing Award, and National Board of Review Student Grant.


Still from the short movie Lefty/Righty


A young divorced rancher Righty has a difficult relationship with a mother of his daughter Lefty.  After getting a day with her, they go for a final visit of the Righty’s sick father, Lefty’s grandfather with her shaggy uncles. Set in a rural Colorado, the place where the director himself was born and grew up. The strum of the guitar opens the film and introduces a very western, ranch life filled the atmosphere to the audience. A pleasant sound, with a hint of gloominess.

The Lefty/Righty carries out the important messages that sometimes words aren’t useful to convey the message, in fact, the movie is silent majority of the time, apart from the minimal dialogue. It pushes the audience to reflect. In the spaces with no dialogue background noises and sounds really emphasize the quietness of the situation. However there’s no need for word and the silence is not daunting or scary at all, it’s rather peaceful. It’s one of those situations where you don’t need the words and just being there is more than enough. Like the idiom “Actions speak louder than words” the movie portrays it perfectly. 


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