series mania digital forum

series mania digital forum

Today the festival Series Mania announced the launch of SERIES MANIA DIGITAL FORUMan industry platform available March 25 to April 7.

As Series Mania had to cancel its long-anticipated Series Mania Festival and Forum, due to Covid-19, they today revealed an exciting online opportunity to get insight into the series market and keep updated with the latest trends. Series mania digital forum is a platform available for €90 and will offer the following:

Watch the key content of Series Mania Forum:
Co-Pro Pitching Sessions
UGC Writers Campus
Drama Series Co-Writing Residency Israel-France
Coming Next from…
and more than 60 international series selected by Series Mania!!


Festival director Laurence Herszberg said “Today, the Series Mania Forum is a major professional event for European and international decision-makers. It is also a key rendezvous in the industry international agenda. At their request, the Series Mania Forum team had to provide continuity solutions, the mere cancellation of all pitching sessions being too detrimental to creation and industry. As such, we are delighted to provide the Series Mania Digital Forum. In the face of adversity, we had to adapt in order to offer industry professionals a prime follow-up of activity, essential to a future recovery that we all hope for.”




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