Alejandra Jenni’s topical film Worth deals with the realities of menstruation as it follows two women with two different experiences. The director staged two young women in their bathrooms, one of them misses her period, the other struggles with its presence. Both of them passed each other in the bathroom without even knowing it. We also had a pleasure interviewing director and actress in her own film, if you want to have a read, head here. 

Poster of the short film Worth by Alejandra Jenni

Director and actress in her own short film, Alejandra wanted to break the taboos around this subject. Women often feel uncomfortable about periods and depending on the cultural background, periods can be a prohibited topic. Despite showing the struggle both emotional and physical related to periods, at the same time the woman’s body is presented with beauty. It encourages self-acceptance and breaks the taboos of today’s society. The film is almost a closed loop in the young women’s bathroom as that’s the one and only place where the action takes places. It’s interesting to see the contrast between their two experiences. One is distressed not to have them and the other has to cancel her plans and take a bath to soothe the pain. The two characters attract sympathy and the atmosphere is very intimate. Throughout the film, the director bring the reality of periods. Blood is shown in a natural and realistic way. In not way it is glamourized or the bloody scenes are hidden, showing what is the reality of menstruation.


Alejandra Jenni studied Physical Theatre at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Germany. Assistant director Claudia Jenni Palma studied Fines Arts in Switzerland. It is the first short film she has been involved in. Worth was nominated for the Best International Short award at Palm Springs International Shortfest. The movie really bring out some great, acting and storytelling and encourages to start a conversation about periods.

Have a look at the trailer below!



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