As a soul of totality, you will always be a part of something … You just need to make sure you are listening


By Fleur Snijders and Sofia Mogno

During an actual solar eclipse, Lady 18 (Tatiana Maslany) and Guy 3 (Tom Cullen) go for some shopping. This is destined to be their last sweet treat before dying as they are part of a cult, which believes that souls will only be granted an eternal place in the Paradise if they die during a solar eclipse. Preparing for their whole life, the moment to leave this world has finally arrived. Yet, when the time comes, are we all ready to make such a step? Maybe, there is something for which this world and this life are still worth living.  Lady 18 and Guy 3 have to make a terrible last decision: can only death grant us eternal peace and happiness? Which voice should we listen to?

‘Souls Of Totality’, is a short movie written by Ben Bolea and Kate Trefry, is directed and produced by Richard Raymond, known for Desert Dancer, Heartless, The Bridge and The First Day. He started his career at Pinewood Studios at only 15, completing his first 35mm production at 16, and now he has had the confidence to create such an innovative short, the single-take sequence shot during a solar eclipse is the first in cinema history.

After a successful New York premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, ‘Souls of Totality’ was selected for 2018 Edinburgh International Film Festival. The main characters are given life by the energy and chemistry between Tatiana Maslany (Lady 18) and Tom Cullen (Guy 3). Tatiana was awarded during the screening of ‘Souls of Totality’ at the Cinequest Film Festival with the highest honor, The Maverick Spirit Award. In the cinemas in 2017 with the movie “Stronger“, the actress also won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in the drama series “Orphan Black“. Tom Cullen joined many famous and successful TV series, including Knightfall, Black Mirror, and Downtown Abbey.

The story is unclear until the end, this brilliant writing gives the sense of growing pathos and anxiety, which allows the viewers to feel empathy with the main characters. What would you do if the world was going to end soon? What could really save you in the end? Which is your place in this world? You just need to make sure you are listening.

Are you already looking forward to joining Lady 18 and Guy 3 in their discovery? Take a look at the trailer below!


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