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Truth is almighty


Kira Flynn (Lynn Mancinelli) is a rebellious soul, to say the least. Her relationship with her family is estranged and distant. Naming your mom in your contact list as “Bitch” doesn’t necessarily scream family love. However, she does seem to connect with her younger brother Lucas (Emrhys Cooper), who had some problems in the past of his own. Death of her father brings Kira back to the small town she grew up in, where she has to face people that she is not particularly happy to see.


Now this dark, full of hate and no respect for anyone image that Kira holds has its purpose. It’s like a shell protects Kira and her secrets, which makes her bitter and angry daily. Her sessions with her therapist as well as unfolding story give the viewer more and more information what could have caused such a dramatic mood swing that Kira possesses. Things seem to take a more positive route when Lucas artwork is displayed local art gallery. Could things finally be turning for the better? Not exactly. The gallery where Kira’s brother’s artwork is shown is own by one of the most prestigious, wealthy and influential families of the town – the Davenport family. Everybody in the town knows them. Even Kira’s mother Sheila (Kristin Carey) has received help from them. However, wealth and powers hide some dark secrets. Secrets, that Kira is familiar with and carries it with her.

Cast of the Price for Silence

The movie The Price for Silence has been a winner and nominee at multiple awards and it wouldn’t be any surprise if more awards would appear in the nearby future. The story is captivating and relatable to today’s society – The facade doesn’t always portray the whole truth. As well as how money and power can change the person. Actress Lynn Mancinelli does a great job portraying the character and all of the hardships she has gone through as well as how it all has affected her mental stability in the long run. Director Tony Germinario (Bad Frank) does a great job navigating the story. The movies carry out some important messages which at the end of the movie just makes you stop and think.


The movie will have it’s UK premiere during a LondonInternational Film Festival.

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